Exploring Architecture


Aims and Scope

With this series, we seek to disseminate scholarship in architectural history and theory that is innovative and rigorous as well as engaging and accessible. With a focus on thematic subjects that are relevant to contemporary architectural and urban discourse and practice, the series will showcase the latest in research practices and encompass a broad spectrum of periods, regions, and themes, including distinctly cross-disciplinary subjects with close ties to architecture.

The series advances the study of architecture, urbanism, landscape, and design, as well as their histories and theories. It aims to include: new and unexpected readings of built work, the analysis of the discipline's discourse and historiography, the study of architectural representation and media, and the consideration of socioeconomic and cultural-political forces on urban transformation. The common thread among these and other possible projects is simple: we strive to publish original, well-argued, and innovative research.

This series provides a platform to both emerging authors and established scholars. The books in the series combine the latest research methodologies and academic rigor with effective communication and innovative design to reach scholars and students in architecture and related fields, but also interested design practitioners whose concerns the series will undoubtedly reflect and engage.

Peer Review Process

All book proposals will be first evaluated by the editorial board. If a majority of the board approves the proposal for a detailed review, the complete manuscript will be submitted for blind peer review to an external reviewer and a member of the board (if necessary, a second external reviewer can be consulted). The peer review process will be documented in writing. After thorough review, the board will provide feedback and criticism, and it has the right to request revisions to the manuscript. Based on positive reviewer recommendations, the board will approve the manuscript for publication.

Editorial Board

Reto Geiser, Rice University, Houston, USA (Chair of the Editorial Board)

Marc Armengaud, School of Architecture ENSA Paris Malaquais, France

Andrew Leach, The University of Sydney, Australia

Catalina Mejia Moreno, Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London, United Kingdom

Matthias Noell, Universität der Künste Berlin, Germany

Sara Stevens, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada

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